Your World-Class Partner in Design & Manufacturing
More Than 25 Years in The Professional Fields
MontJade Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 to provide engineering services as well as contract manufacturing of high precision/ high cleanliness mechanical components and modules in many industrial applications. We are also experts in Class I/II/III metal and polymer sterilized/non-sterilized medical devices.

MontJade Engineering has a group of professionals with more than 25 years experiences specialized in the leading technologies of mechanical engineering, material sciences and manufacturing techniques. Our manufacturing capabilities involve high precision machining, casting, forging, welding, surface / heat treatment, cleanliness control, product assembly and medical packaging. The casting fields could include investment casting, gravity casting and sand casting.
MontJade Engineering team implements a stream-line quality system control from CAD/CAM/CAE engineering, sophisticated manufacturing processes to delicate QC measurements & inspections ensuring high-end quality parts or modules delivered to our worldwide customers.

We are an ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 certified contract manufacturer

We are named after Mountain Jade, The Highest Mountain and Greatest Symbol of Taiwan. We inspire ourselves to respect the mighty nature and devote ourselves to be outstanding humbly in the world.